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Lil' Rockers Mission

The Lil' Rockers Team has a unique approach to business & community.  WE believe that a community becomes empowered by the various organizations and families that inhabit that community.  OUR teachers are very rooted in their individual neighborhoods and communities.  WE therefore hope to develop and grow our organization by becoming genuinely involved in the individual communities that make up Denver, Colorado.  WE strive to not only encourage children to dream, but to also get them involved in their communities.  Whether it is performing songs at a local senior center, playing music for a local garden tour, or showcasing for a local fundraiser; our students are able to use music at a catalyst for change and growth.


Introduce our after school enrichment program to other local elementary & middle schools

Encourage our students to perform concert @ nearby retirement communities & hospitals

Expand our donation and scholarship program to provide instruments and funding to students in need


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