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Here are some common questions & answers for our Rock Band Camps.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Is there a Dress Code at camp?

Campers are encouraged to dress comfortably.  Our only requirement is that they do not wear any clothing with vulgar language or images.  We also ask that they wear or bring shoes with toes covered for our outdoor activities.

What does my child need to bring on first day?

Your child needs to bring their instrument (unless they would like to play drums or keyboard OR are renting an instrument).  They also need to bring the signed Camp Forms.  If your child has an mp3 player - they are encouraged to bring it along with headphones.  We will be listening to a lot of music!

Do you provide instrument rentals?  If so, how much?

Yes.  We do provide instrument rentals - with the exception of drums and keyboards.  Guitars cost $25/week.  We hope to offer discounted instruments for purchase at the end of each camp.

Do you offer scholarships?  If so, what are the requirements?

We will offer a limited number of scholarships for our summer camps.  As we continue to grow in the Denver area, we will offer more scholarship opportunities.  If you would like to apply for our scholarships, please submit an email to with "Rock Band Summer Camp Scholarship Inquiry" in the subject line.

Is lunch provided each day?

Unfortunately, we do not provide lunch for our campers.  We will offer snacks and bottled waters.  

Does my child need to have experience playing an instrument?
Experience is not required, but definitely preferred for our Rock Band Camps.  Campers will be able to progress through more songs if they have previous experience.  We do encourage all of our campers to try out different instruments while at camp.  Many students have not had the opportunity to play the drums before! 
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